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Charlie Shoemake & Talsan Music


Vibes player Charlie Shoemake's current Chase Music Group (CMG) CD is entitled "Vibes Master." Indeed, there is good reason for this moniker. Although fundamentally a classicist, as jazz critic David Steinberg of the Albuquerque Journal observed of his playing, "Shoemake is a jazz vibist who still believes in the value of a melody line and in harmony." Jay Harvey of the Indianapolis Star News described Shoemake's playing: "He has a shimmering liquid sound and his neatly balanced lines swim in it as in a natural element." And Scott Yanow, noted in the LA Jazz Scene, "He is a major voice (if un-recognized) on his instrument.


Owen McNally of the Hartford Courant zeroed in on a shocking reality when he noted: "West coast players, even excellent ones like vibraphonist Charlie Shoemake, are in terms of national recognition, too often locked into a kind of geographical limbo. Because they're not based in New York City, the jazz media capital of the world, word about their talent doesn't travel all that well across the continent to the east coast."


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